Indian cricket fans losing their marbles over a hilarious tweet


A easy comic story by way of an Aussie journa­checklist has riled up some without a sense of humour­

Of the numerous issues extraordinary about this Internet chap is it being bipolar. One second it’s all jokey and excellent recreation and the following it is going all severe and delicate on you.

You by no means know the place its temper swings would possibly take you, and this infrequently exposes us the unknowing, socially-inept varieties to a bunch of bother.

This not too long ago came about with Australian sports activities journalist Dennis Freedman, who famously has a cushy spot for Pakistan cricket group however was once simply jesting when he tweeted this:

Now the netizens and the Twitterati crack and make up a wide variety of jokes all day lengthy, however sadly for Mr Freedman, their sense of humour went amiss in this one.

For fans of the Indian cricket group, it’s close to blasphemous for a international critic to even comic story about their liked gamers. Local critics are wonderful and their wit would nonetheless sign up, but if a non-Indian makes amusing of their personal, all hell breaks unfastened.

Of direction, the backlash was once at the playing cards.

Whatever came about to treating a comic story as a comic story?


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